Customise Windows 8 taskbar Notification area

Customise the taskbar's notification area

The Notification area on Windows 8 Desktop taskbar gives you quick access to commonly used tools. Make it your own by choosing which tools are available from here.

At the right of the taskbar is the the Notification area. By default, this shows icons for Volume, Network, Action Center and, if using a laptop, Power. To see other notification icons, click on the upward arrow on the left of the notification area – an extra menu of icons will be displayed. You can customize the notification area to control which icons are shown and how notifications are given. Here’s how:

Step 1  Click the upward arrow on the left of the notification area, and from the pop-up menu, click Customize.


Step 2  For each icon, click the Behaviors drop-down list to choose one of the following:

  • Show icon and notifications – adds the icon to the main notification area
  • Hide icon and notifications – moves the icon to the notification area extra menu
  • Only show notifications – removes the icon from the main notification area, although notification will still be shown

Step 3  Click Turn system icons on or off. The System Icons window appears.

Step 4  In the Behaviour list, select Off for each of the system icons (Volume, Network, Action Center and Power) you don’t want to use.

Step 5  Click OK to return to the Notification Area Icons window and then OK again.

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