Discover Windows 8′s hidden Power User menu

Discover the Power User menu

Microsoft’s decision to scrap the familiar Start menu in Windows 8 has frustrated many advanced users who need an easy way to get to system tools such as the Control Panel, Device Manager and Command Prompt.

But few people know that Windows 8 has a hidden Power User menu that gives quick access to the most commonly-used system tools. Here’s how to open the Power User menu. This works from the Start screen, the Desktop and any open app screen.

Step 1  Move your mouse cursor to the bottom-left of the screen to display the thumbnail and then right click the thumbnail. 

Be careful to wait until the thumbnail appears in the bottom-left corner before you right click with your mouse. Otherwise, you’ll get a different result  – for example on the Desktop you may get the Taskbar menu or the Screen menu.

Step 2  A pop-up menu will appear as shown below. This list many of the system tools more advanced Windows users need, including the Control Panel, Device Manager, Task Manager, System Properties and Command Prompt.

Step 3  Click a system tool to open it.

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