Customise Windows 8 Lock screen

Customise your Windows 8 Lock screen

The Lock screen appears when you start your Windows 8 computer or when it’s sleeping. The great news is you can customise it, adding live information such as recent email messages. You can change the background image on the Lock screen and choose up to seven apps to be displayed here.

Step 1  Open the Charms bar, then click Settings.

Step 2  Click Change PC Settings at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 3  Click Personalize, and then select the Lock screen tab.


Step 4  Select a picture from the list of thumbnails. Alternatively, click Browse to select an image from your Pictures library or other folder.


Step 5  Scroll down to choose the apps you want to display notifications and updates on the Lock screen. Click the Add icon (the black plus sign) to choose an app from the list.



Step 6  An eighth slot on the Lock screen is available to show more detailed information. For example, you can choose the Calendar app here, which will let you see full details of your next appointment. Click the Add icon under ‘Choose an app to display detailed status’ and again choose from the list of compatible apps.

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