Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

Essential Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to make moving around in Windows 8 easier. Instead of clicking through menus with your mouse, you can press a combinations of two or more keys to quickly complete common tasks, move between apps or open the Charms menu. Here are some of the new keyboard shortcuts that make it a doodle to navigate Windows 8.

Ctrl + plus (+) or Ctrl + minus (-)
Zoom in or out of a view such as apps pinned to the Start screen

Windows key + C
Open the charms menu. In an app, open the commands for the app

Windows key + F
Open the Search charm to search files

Windows key + H
Open the Share charm

Windows key + I
Open the Settings charm

Windows key + K
Open the Devices charm

Windows key + Q
Open the Search charm to search apps

Windows key + W
Open the Search charm to search settings

Windows key + Z
Show the commands available in the apps

Windows key + Tab
Cycle through open apps (except desktop apps)

Windows key + Shift + Tab
Cycle through open apps (except desktop apps) in reverse order

Windows key + full stop (.)
Cycles through app snap locations

Stop or exit the current task

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