View your photos on a Windows 8 PC

Using Windows 8's Photo app

There are two ways to view photos on your Windows 8 PC: the Start screen’s Photos app and Windows Photo Viewer on the Desktop.

The Photos app is a great way to quickly view all your photos – not just those on your computer but also photos that are stored on your SkyDrive or social network accounts such as Facebook. However, the Photos app lacks the controls offered by Windows Photo Viewer including the ability to print photos.

Open the Photos app
Step 1  Click the Photos tile on the Start screen

Step 2  The Photos app will open full screen, showing tiles that represent your main photo storage areas – your PC’s Picture library; your SkyDrive account and your social networking accounts.

Step 3  Click a tile to show the photos at that location.

Step 4  Your photos are shown in a long horizontal strip across the screen. Scroll horizontally to see the contents of a folder or location. Right-click to see the App bar at the bottom of the screen. Here you’ll see icons for options including Delete, Select All, Browse by Date, or view as a Slide Show.

Step 5  To view a photo full screen, simply click on it. In full screen mode, you can move from photo to photo by clicking the arrows that appear on the left and right edges of the photo.

Step 6  Right-click a photo to see the App bar. Click the Set As icon for options such as set current photo as the background for either your Lock Screen, the Photo app’s Start screen tile, or the background for the Photo app itself

Step 7  To exit the Photos app, move your mouse cursor to the top edge of the screen – it will turn into a hand icon – click and then hold down the mouse button while you drag the now smaller Photo app thumbnail to the bottom of the screen.

Open Windows Photo Viewer
Windows Photo Viewer offers more control over your photos such as the ability to directly print or email photos. However, it will display only photos stored on your own computer and not those on your SkyDrive account or linked websites.

Step 1  In File Explorer on the Desktop, right-click a picture and choose to Open with Windows Photo Viewer.

Step 2  Windows Photo Viewer will open in an window on the Desktop.

Step 3  At the bottom of the window are as set of controls that include Magnify, Actual size, Previous, Play slide show, Next, Rotate left, Rotate right and Delete for viewing and managing your photos.

Step 4  From the menu bar at the top of the window, you can select to Print, Email or Burn pictures to CD or DVD.

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      The Actual size button works as a toggle. So if the image is displayed at its actual size – i.e. the Actual size button has been ‘activated’ – simple click it again to view all of the image as it fits within the Windows Photo Viewer window. You can resize the Windows Photo Viewer window by dragging on the edges of the window itself. The image displayed will then resize to fit the window.

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