Switch between users in Windows 8

Switch between user accounts in Windows 8

Windows 8 makes it easy for groups of people to share the same computer. Whether they’re family members, students or employees, each can log onto the same computer with their user account to access their own files and programs.

Windows 8 also makes it easy to quickly switch between users without having to sign out or close down current apps. For example, you may be playing a game when someone else needs to sign in to quickly check their email. When you sign back in a few minutes later, your game is exactly where you left it.

When you switch users, the current user’s account is locked so no one can access your files or system settings.

1. Click the current user in the upper-right of the Start screen

2. From the drop-down menu, click the user account you want to switch to

3. The new user will need to enter their password to sign in

4. To switch back, simple click the current user as in Step 1 and click your username from the drop-down menu. You’ll need to reenter your password to unlock the account

Be careful not to shut down or restart the computer while another person is still signed in. Otherwise that person will lose any work that they haven’t saved.


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