Import photos in Windows 8

Import photos from a camera in Windows 8

Windows 8 makes it easy to import photos from your digital camera, with controls for naming, grouping and tagging shots.

Step 1  Connect the camera to your PC using a USB cable.

Step 2  Windows 8 should recognize the device as a camera straightaway and you’ll see a message at the top right of the screen. This lists your camera’s model and asks you to “Choose what happens with this device.” Click the message.


Step 3  Click Import pictures using Windows. 

Step 4  On the next screen, click Import Photos and Videos (as shown above).

Step 5  The Photo app opens. Here you can choose how your photos are imported, including which folders to import photos into.


Step 6  Click Import to transfer your camera’s photos and videos to your PC.

For more control over how your photos are imported, you can use File Explorer on Windows 8 Desktop rather than the Photo app. Click Open Device to Choose Files option in Step 3 to open File Explorer. Here you can click the camera icon to manually select the photos you want to copy to the folders of your choice. Alternatively, right-click the camera icon and choose Import Photos and Videos from the pop-up menu. In the Import Pictures and Videos dialog box that appears, choose from the following options: Review, Organize, and Group Items to Import or Import All New Items Now. The first three options lets you name, group and tag photos before importing.

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