Group Windows 8 app tiles

Create an app group on your Windows 8 Start screen

As you install apps on your Windows 8 computer, the Start screen places them out of sight on its far right edge. To fight this sprawl and make finding apps easier, you can arrange app tiles into groups so that related apps appear together. You can name each group so it displays its name above the grouped tiles.

Create a group

Step 1  Click, hold and drag one of the app tiles that you want to appear in the group, from its current position to the far right of the Start screen.

Step 2  When the group separator bar appears, release the mouse button. The app is now in its own app group, visually separated from the other apps.

Group apps on the Start screen

Step 3  Click, hold and drag the other app tiles into this new group.

Add apps to a group

Step 4  To view all the groups on your Start screen, click the Zoom button at the bottom right of the Start screen. To change the position of the group, simply click, hold and drag it while in this view to a new position.

Name an app group

Step 1  Click the Zoom button at the bottom-right of the screen to see all your Start screen apps as small icons organised into groups.

Step 2  Right-click the group you want to name.

Name a group on Windows 8 Start screen

Step 3  From the menu bar that appears, click Name group

Step 4  Type a name for the group and then click Name.

Name a group

Step 5  Click anywhere on the Start screen to return to the normal view. The group name will appear above the group.

Move a group of tiles

Step 1  On the Start screen, click the Zoom button in the lower-right corner of your screen.

Step 2  Click and drag the group of tiles you want to move to a new location.

Step 3  Once you’re done moving groups, click anywhere on the screen to zoom out.

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