Customise Windows 8′s Start screen

Customise your Windows 8 Start screen

Add a personal touch to your Windows 8 computer by changing the colour and background image of the Start screen.

Step 1  Move your mouse cursor to the top right of the screen to show the Charms menu.

Step 2  Click Settings.

Step 3  Click Change PC Settings at the bottom right of the screen. The PC Settings app will open full screen.

Step 4  Click Personalize, and then select the Start screen tab.

Step 5  Here you can select a background image and a colour scheme. There are 25 colour schemes to choose from and 20 background images. The background image you choose will appear only on the Start screen, but the selected colour will be used elsewhere including the Login screen and the Charms menu.

Step 6  The Start screen illustration updates instantly so you can preview selected colours and backgrounds.

If you’re signed in with your Microsoft account, any changes you make to the Start screen will apply to your account in general. So when you sign in with your Microsoft account on any Windows computer, you’ll see the colour and background image you’ve previously selected.

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