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The People app is Window 8’s address book. Here you can store information about all your contacts – everything from their email and postal addresses, job titles, telephone numbers, and significant other. Once added to the People app, your contacts’ details can be accessed from other apps, making it easier to quickly share files and photos, chat online or send emails. The People app is also tightly integrated with social networking sites, so you can use it to keep in touch with friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How to add a contact to the People app

Step 1  Open the app by clicking the People tile on the Start screen.

Step 2  Right-click anywhere on the screen and from the menu that appears, click New contact.

Step 3  Enter the contact information.


Step 4  Click Save and the contact will be added to the People app.

Import your contacts into the People app

Rather than add individual contacts one at a time, you can importing all of your existing contacts from other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. When you’re connected to this account, your news feeds, updates and tweets will then show in the People app.

Step 1  In the People app, move your mouse cursor to the top right of the screen and click Settings.

Step 2   In the Settings pane, click Accounts.

Step 3  In the Accounts pane, click Add an account.


Step 4  Select the service you want to add, for example, Google.

Step 5  On the Connecting to a service screen, sign in to the account.


Step 6  You’ll see a Request for Permission screen with options and permissions that vary depending on the account you choose. Follow the instructions onscreen so the People app can access your account.

Step 7  Your contacts will be imported into the People app.

Unlike manually added contacts, you can’t delete contacts that have been imported from another account within the People app. So think carefully before importing contacts from accounts such as Twitter that have a large number of contacts who you don’t communicate with on a regular basis.

View contacts in the People app

Step 1  Click the People app on the Start screen.

Step 2  You can click on one of three areas:

  • All contacts – this shows a complete list of all your contacts.
  • Me – this show all your own information including your profile and post to services, such as Facebook and Twitter. You’ll see notifications from these accounts and view the photos that you’ve posted to them.
  • What’s new – this shows the latest information from your social networking accounts including your Facebook news feeds and posts from those you follow on Twitter.

Managing contacts in the People app

Step 1  In the People app, move your cursor to the top right of the screen and from the Charms menu, click Settings and then click Options.

Step 2  By default, the People app sorts contacts alphabetically by surname. Click the button to turn this off.


Step 3  To reduce the number of contacts that are displayed, you can hide contacts from any of your associated accounts. Simply, click the checkbox next to the account in question.

Step 4  To edit a contact’s details, right-click the details page and from the App bar menu that appears, click Edit. Your changes will be shared with the original account the next time you sync your Mail and Contacts.


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