Change Windows 7 screen resolution

Change your screen resolution in Windows 7

Adjusting the screen resolution of your Windows 7 computer will make text and images look sharper and allows you to fit more items on screen.

The image you see on your monitor or computer screen is determined by the screen resolution. If it’s set to the wrong resolution, the screen image can appear too big, too small, or blurry. If you choose a resolution that isn’t supported by your monitor, you may not see an image on your screen at all. Here’s how to return your screen to a supported resolution in Windows 7. If you can’t see an image onscreen at all, you need to restart your PC in Safe Mode before completing the following steps.

Change Windows 7 screen resolution

Step 1  Click the Start button, then Control Panel. Under Appearance and Personalisation, click Adjust screen resolution.

Step 2  Click the pop-up list next to Resolution, select the resolution for your screen (check the computer or monitor manual), then click Apply.

Step 3  Click Keep if you are happy with resolution, or click Revert to go back to the previous resolution.

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