Reinstall Windows 8 using Reset Your PC


If you need to reinstall Windows 8, learn how to use the Reset Your PC setting in Windows 8 to perform a fresh installation of Windows 8.

With previous versions, reinstalling Windows 8 on your computer was a real chore but Microsoft has made this task much easier with two options in Windows 8 that help streamline the process.

You can choose to Refresh Your PC, which reinstalls Windows 8 on your computer but leaves all your personal files, custom settings and apps intact. Alternatively selecting Reset Your PC removes everything from your hard drive and installs a factory-fresh copy of Windows 8.

If you want to wipe clean your computer and start afresh or you plan to sell or give away your PC, then Windows 8’s Reset Your PC option is the one to choose.

Step 1  Move your cursor to the top-right of the screen and from the Charms menu, click Settings, and then click Change PC settings.

Step 2  Click General.

Step 3  Scroll down the right side of this section until you see Remove everything and reinstall Windows. Click Get started.


Step 4  You’ll see a short explanation of what will happen if you go ahead with this option. Click Next.

Step 5  The next screen shows two options about cleaning your hard drive:

  • Just remove my files choose this if resetting the PC for your own use, as it’s a much faster process.
  • Fully clean the drive select this If you’re selling or donating your PC as it prevents others from using special forensics software to find private information on a supposedly erased hard drive.

Step 6  Once the drive has been reset, you can reinstall your software and drivers.

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