Protect your kids with Windows Family Safety

Set up Family Safety

If your children share your computer or you’re setting up one for their use, you may want to restrict the programs they can use and the content they can view. Learn how to set up Windows Family Safety to keep young family members safe.

Windows 8’s Family Safety allows you to restrict your children’s access to programs and websites, as well as set time limits on their computer usage and web browsing. You can choose to receive weekly reports on your children’s activities including the programs they’ve used and the websites they’ve attempted to visit.

Set up Family Safety
Step 1  To set up Family Safety for a user account, so you must first be logged on as the administrator or be able to enter the administrator password when requested.

Step 2  Move your mouse cursor to the top right of the screen and, from the Charms menu, click Search.

Step 3  Type family in the search box and click Settings.


Step 4  Click Family Safety. The Control Panel will open on the Desktop, showing the Family Safety options.

Step 5  Click the user you want to set Family Safety options for.

Step 6  Click the option On, enforce current settings.


Step 7  Under Activity reporting, click the option, On, collect information about PC usage to receive regular reports.

Step 8  Click the links under Windows settings to fine-tune the following settings:

  • Web filtering. Click this to see the Web filtering window. Here, click the User can only use the websites I allow to block access to specific websites, set up general website restrictions and block download.
  • Time limits. Click this to see the Time Limits page. Click Curfew, then click User can only use the PC during the time range I allow. Using a grid that represents hours for each day of the week, you can select time slots for computer usage.
  • Windows Store and games restrictions. Click this and on the next screen click the User can only use the games and Windows Store apps that I allow to restrict games and apps based on age ratings and content, as well as block certain games.
  • Apps restrictions. Click this and on the next screen click User can only use the apps I allow. A list of all the programs on your computer will be displayed and you can tick the check boxes next to those you want to allow your child to use.


Step 9  Your changes apply immediately.

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