How to set up a passcode lock on your iPad

Set a passcode on your iPad

Setting a passcode on your Apple iPad helps protect all your personal information should the device fall into the wrong hands.

Once set up, each time you turn on or wake up your iPad, it will ask you to input the passcode to unlock the device. This makes it much harder for someone else to access your iPad if it’s lost or stolen.

Set up a passcode lock on your iPad

Step 1  Tap the Settings icon on your Home screen.

Step 2  Tap General from the list of settings on the left.

Step 3  Scroll down to find and then tap Passcode Lock.

Add a passcode to your iPad

Step 4  Before activating the passcode lock, you need to decide what type of passcode you want to use – either a four-digit PIN or a more complex alphanumeric password. For most users, a simple four-digit PIN is sufficient for everyday use around the home but to use an alphanumeric password tap the Simple Passcode button to the Off setting.

Step 5  Tap Turn Passcode On.

Turn on passcode lock

Step 6  Using the keypad enter a four-digit passcode or alphanumeric password, then enter it again to confirm.

Enter your passcode

Step 7  The Passcode Lock is now enabled and you’ll need to enter your PIN or password whenever you unlock or turn on your iPad.

Step 8  Once you’ve turned on the Passcode Lock you can adjust its settings such as:

  • Require Passcode sets the length of time that passes by before your iPad asks for the password. Choose a time between 1 minute and 4 hours or opt for Immediately, which means the iPad will ask for a password as soon as it’s awake or turned on.Add a passcode to your iPad
  • Erase Data activates an automatic erase feature so that your iPad erases all your data if the wrong passcode is entered 10 times in a row.

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