Copy photos to your iPad using iTunes

Copy your photos to an iPad

One of the easiest ways to transfer photos from your computer to your iPad is to use iTunes. You’ll need to have iTunes installed on your PC and a USB connector cable to connect the iPad to the computer.

Copy photos to your iPad

Step 1  On your computer, create a folder containing the photos that you want to copy to the iPad. 

Step 2  Connect your iPad to your computer and launch iTunes.

Step 3  Select your iPad under Devices in the left hand pane of iTunes.

Step 4  Click the Photos tab at the top of the iTunes window.

Step 5  Check the box Synch photos from.

Step 6  Click Choose folder from the drop-down menu, and select the folder that you created earlier on your computer. Click Open.

Step 7  Click Apply to begin syncing the photos from the computer to the iPad.

Step 8  Your photos will show as a new album in your iPad’s Photos app.

If you’re using a Mac, you can choose to skip Step 1 and select an Event folder from within iPhoto to copy to your iPad.

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