Turn off AutoComplete to protect your privacy


Many web browsers have an autocomplete feature that automatically completes words and phrases as you type them. It’s a useful feature that helps when filling in personal details and passwords on online forms but it can also means that anyone with access to your computer can see sensitive information, such as the billing address for your credit card, at the click of a button. To ensure your privacy is protected always make sure that your web browser’s autocomplete feature is turned off when using a public or shared computer. You can also remove the browser’s autocomplete history if you’ve enter information on a computer that you don’t want others to see.

Turn off Autocomplete in Internet Explorer 10

Step 1  With Internet Explorer open on the Desktop, click Tools and from the drop-down menu click Internet options.

AutoComplete settings

Step 2  Select the Content tab.

Step 3  Under AutoComplete, click Settings.

Step 4  Remove the ticks next to Forms and Usernames and passwords on forms.

Step 5  Click OK.

Delete AutoComplete history

Step 1  With Internet Explorer open on the Desktop, click Tools and from the drop-down menu click Internet options.

Step 2  Select the Content tab.

Turn-off-autocompleteStep 3  Under AutoComplete, click Settings and then click Delete AutoComplete history.

Step 4  In the Delete Browsing History dialog box, select Form data and Passwords. To clear web address entries, select the History checkbox, which will also delete your browsing history.

Step 5  Click Delete to clear your autocomplete history. Click OK, then click OK again.

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