Organise your Gmail account with labels

Create a new Label in Gmail

Unless you keep on top of email regularly, your Gmail inbox is likely to be stuffed full of read and unread messages. Storing emails in folders will help you to organise and find messages.

Unlike other webmail services Gmail lacks folders. Instead you can organise your Inbox using labels, which work in the same way as folders. You can ‘open’ a label to see all the messages with that label and create sub-labels within labels to further sort emails. Even better, you can apply more than one label to a single email and by using filters you can move incoming mail to labels automatically.

Create a label
Step 1   Click More at the bottom of your labels list on the left-hand side of the page and then click Create new label. (If you can’t see the word ‘More’, drag the grey dividing line down to view all your labels.)

Step 2  Enter a name for the label and click Create.

Step 3  To apply a label, select the checkbox next to a message and click Labels. Select the label or labels you want to use and click Apply.

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