How to use Reading view in Internet Explorer 11


Internet Explorer 11′s new Reading view makes web content easier to read by presenting it in an attractive book-style layout. It strips out all the web page extras such as ads and website banners to show just the text and related images of an article set in columns.

Open a webpage in Reading view

To open a web page’s content in Reading view, click the book icon in the address bar. Be aware that not all web sites support Reading view.

Change Reading view settings

Step 1  Move your cursor to the top right of the screen and, from the Charms menu, click Settings.

Step 2  Click Options, and under Reading view, select a font style and text size.

Internet Explorer Reading view settings

Save content to your Reading List

If you want to save a web page’s content to read later, you can add it to your Reading List rather than leave it open on a browsing tab.

Step 1  With the page open in Reading view, move your cursor to the top right of the screen and, from the Charms menu, click Share.

Internet Explorer Reading List

Step 2  Click Reading List, and click Add. The link to your web page content is now stored in Reading List.

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