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Clean up your inbox in

If your Inbox is bursting at the seams with read and unread messages and finding a particularly email is becoming a chore, then it’s time for a clear out. has nifty features that let you quickly sort and manage your Inbox. Here are out top tips:

TIP 1  Filter emails
To quickly sort emails into related groups, click View at the top of your Inbox list and choose one of the filters from the drop-down menu. For example, click Unread to see a list of all the unread messages in your Inbox; click Contacts to show emails from people in your Contacts list, or Groups to view group discussions.

TIP 2  Create a new folder
Using folders is one of the easiest routes to a clutter-free Inbox. To create a new folder, click New folder under Folders in the left-hand pane. Type a name for the folder and press Enter. To move an email into a folder, click on the email in the Inbox list and – holding down the left mouse button – drag it onto the folder name in the left-hand pane.

TIP 3  Deal with Spam does a good job of keeping most spam messages out of your Inbox by filtering them straight into your Junk folder. But if one sidesteps the net and arrives in your Inbox, be sure to mark it as spam rather than just delete it. This helps identify similar spam messages in the futureWith the message open or ticked in the Inbox list, click Junk in the main toolbar at the top of the window. Alternatively, move your mouse cursor over the email message in the Inbox list, and from the list of Instant actions, click the Junk icon. 

TIP 4  Sweep clean your Inbox
With’s Sweep feature you can move all the email messages you’ve received from one sender into a folder in one go. To do this, select a message in your Inbox, click Sweep, and then click Move all from. Select the folder that you want to store the messages in or click New folder to create a new folder to hold them. If you want to store any further emails you may receive from this sender in the same folder, click the Also move future messages check box.

You can also quickly delete all emails from a sender using the Sweep feature. Simply select a message, click Sweep, and then click Delete all from. To delete all future messages from this email address, tick the Also block future messages check box and then click Delete all.

TIP 5  Schedule an Inbox clean up
Daily newsletters and special offer emails from sites such as Groupon, Wowcher, and Amazon Local can quickly fill up your Inbox.’s schedule cleanup feature is a great way to automatically delete all but the lastest emails from a sender.

To schedule a cleanup, select a message in your Inbox and click Sweep on the toolbar and select Schedule cleanup.  Choose an option such as deleting all but the most recent email or moving emails into a named folder. You can also set to delete old emails after a certain number of days. When you’ve chosen your option, click OK. 

TIP 6  Sort emails with one click
Use Instant actions to manage your Inbox without opening a single email. When you hover your mouse cursor over an email in your Inbox list you’ll see a series of icons next to the sender’s name and subject line. These icons let you perform instant actions such as move or flag a message, mark it as read/unread or delete it. Simply click an icon to apply the action to the selected email.

You can also add your own actions to this list. Click Options (it looks like a gear cog), and click More email settings. On the next screen, click Instant actions under Customizing Click Move up and Move down to re-arrange the order of the instant actions, Remove actions from the list or Add actions such as Archive or Move to.

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