Updating your apps in Windows 8

App updates in Windows 8

Updating apps in Windows 8 is simple – and our step-by-step guide to updating Windows 8 apps will ensure that your apps are always up the date with the latest fixes and features.

Occasionally, you may be notified that updates are available for your Windows 8 apps. Updates are additions to an app’s programming code that help to keep it running smoothly and securely – and may sometime add new features. You’ll see a link saying Updates and then the number of updates available in brackets at the top right corner of the Windows Store.

Update apps in Windows 8

Step 1  Click Updates from the top right hand corner of the Windows Store.

Step 2  You’ll see a list of apps that have updates available. All the apps will be selected, but you can right-click those that you don’t want to update at this time.

Step 3  Click the Install icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4  You’ll see a progress report as updates are downloaded and installed for each app.


Step 5  When the process in complete, you’ll see a message saying ‘Your apps were installed’.

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