Shut down your Windows 8 computer

Shut down your computer

In previous versions of Windows, turning off your computer was straightforward: you clicked the Start button and then clicked Shut Down. But with its lack of a Start button, it’s not immediately obvious how to shut down your Windows 8 PC when you’ve finished using it. Here’s how:

Step 1  Move your mouse cursor to the bottom-right or top right of the screen to display the Charms bar

Step 2  Click Settings

Step 3  In the Settings pane, click the Power icon. A pop-up menu will show the following options: Sleep, Shut down and Restart

Step 4  Click Shut down. Windows 8 will close and turn off your computer

You can use a couple of keyboard shortcuts to quickly get to the Shut down command. Either press the Windows key + I or press the Ctrl + Alt + Del key combination to go directly to the Settings pane. Then click the Power icon and choose Shut down.

Other shutdown options
Clicking the Power icon on the Settings pane displays a pop-up menu with two other options along with Shut down. You can also choose to simply sign out of your account from the Start screen while keeping the computer running.

Sleep – Choose this if you need to stop using your computer but don’t want to turn everything off. It puts your computer in Sleep mode to conserve energy and protect your files and programs. When you’re ready to use your computer again, tap its power button to see Windows 8 immediately spring back to life.

Restart – Choose this to make Windows 8 shut down and then straightaway restart. You may be asked to do this after installing apps or changing system settings.

Sign-out – Another option is to sign out of your user account but leave the computer running so another person can use it. To do this, click the username or picture on the Start screen and click the Sign out option from the menu that appears. This will log you out of your account, so you will need to re-enter your password if necessary to use the computer again.

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