Search for apps on the Windows Store

Search for apps on the Windows Store

Windows 8 comes with a number of popular apps to help you use your computer straightaway. These include Mail for your email, People, for your address book and Calendar for your diary planning. If you want to use other apps on your Windows 8 computer or tablet, you’ll need to download them from the Windows Store. You can access this directly from the Start screen provided you’re signed into Windows 8 with your Microsoft account.

Step 1  Click the Store tile on the Start screen to open the Windows Store.

Step 2  Apps in the Windows Store are grouped into categories such as Games, Social networking, and Travel. Scroll horizontal to see all the categories.

Step 3  To browse the apps in a category, click the category heading.


Step 4  Click an app within the category to see more details on the app information page, including the price, user reviews, requested permissions, content rating and more.

To search for apps on the Windows Store, move your mouse cursor to the top-right corner of the screen to open the Charms bar, then click Search and enter your search text into the search bar. You can then filter search results by category and price, as well as sort results by rating, price, relevance and date.

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