Play, copy or burn a music CD in Windows 8

Windows Media Player

There are a couple of ways to listen to your music in Windows 8. The Start screen’s Music app lets you play music already stored on your computer or streamed from the Xbox Music Store. But to play a CD or copy tracks from a CD, you’ll need to use Windows Media Player on the Desktop.

Familiar to users of previous versions of Windows, Windows Media Player lets you play all types of digital media files as well rip music from audio CDs, burn CDs of your favourite music, and sync digital media files to a smartphone or MP3 player.

Open Windows Media Player
Step 1  On the Start screen, move your mouse cursor to the top right corner of the screen and from the Charms menu click Search.

Step 2  Type media and then click Windows Media Player in the results list.

Step 3  Windows Media Player will open in a window on the Desktop.

Play an audio CD
Step 1  Insert an audio CD into your computer.

Step 2  Windows will recognise the type of disc and show a notification in the top right of the screen. Click this notification.

Step 3  On the next screen click Play audio CD. Windows Media Player will launch.


Step 4  The CD will begin to play.

Copy tracks
Rather than keep switching CDs to listen to your music, you can copy  – also known as rip – the tracks from your CD and then store them on your computer hard drive. This also means you can mix and match tracks from different CDs to create a playlist to listen to.

Step 1  Insert the audio CD you want to copy into your computer.

Step 2  If you see Media Player’s Now Playing window, click Switch to Library.

Step 3  You should see the CD tracks listed, but if not, click the audio CD in the navigation pane.

Step 4  All the tracks will be selected by default, but you can deselect the checkboxes next to tracks you don’t want to copy.


Step 5  Click Rip CD.

Step 6  Each track is then copied and saved to your Music folder in turn.

Create a playlist
Once you’ve copied a number of CD tracks to your Music folder, you can create a compilation of songs in a single playlist. When you select the playlist, Windows Media Player will then automatically play all the tracks in the order they appear in the list.

Step 1  In Windows Media Player, click Create Playlist.


Step 2  Type a name for the new playlist and press Enter.

Step 3  In your Music library, find the track or tracks you want to add to the playlist.

Step 4  Drag and drop the tracks onto the named playlist in the navigation pane. Alternatively, right-click the selected track, and from the pop-up menu, click Add to and then click the name of your playlist in the next menu that appears. Repeat until all the tracks you want have been added to the playlist.

Burn a CD
You may want to copy songs from your computer onto a CD so you can play it in your car or in stereo. With Windows Media Player in Windows 8 you can make a CD that stores about 80 minutes of music and will play most CD players.

Step 1  In Windows Media Player, click the Burn tab, click the Burn options down arrow at the top right and select click Audio CD from the drop-down list.


Step 2  Insert a blank disc into your CD or DVD drive.

Step 3  Select a track in your music library that you want to burn to the disc, and drag it to the list pane on the right side hand of the window. Repeat with more tracks to create a burn list.


Step 4  To change the order of the items in the burn list, drag them up or down in the list. If you change your mind about a track, you can remove it from the burn list by right-clicking it and selecting Remove from list from the pop-up menu.

Step 5  When you’re finished, click Start burn. Your selected tracks will be copies onto the CD.

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