Change your home page in Internet Explorer

Change your home page

Your home page is the first web page you see when you launch your web browser. This is usually set to a default page by the browser but you can easily change it to a web page of your choice. In Windows 8, you need to make this change in the Desktop version of Internet Explorer. It will then apply to both this version and the Internet Explorer app when launched from the Start screen.

Step 1  Visit the webpage you want as your home page.

Step 2  Right-click the Home page icon and from the drop-down menu that appears, click Add or Change Home Page.


Step 3  In the dialog box that appears, click Use This Webpage As Your Only Home Page and then click Yes.


Step 4  Now when you click the Home page icon you’ll be shown the webpage you’ve selected as your Home page. When you next open the web browser, this is the first webpage you’ll see in the browser window.

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