Expert advice and step-by-step help in plain English

Computing For Everyone is dedicated to helping you with expert advice and step by step help.

Written by a team of friendly technology experts and authors, Computing For Everyone can help with your computing problems. Computing for Everyone was created specifically to help both novices and more advanced users tackle their computing or mobile problem.

Written in plain English, Computing for Everyone is computer help and advice for the rest of us. It works hard to avoid the technical jargon of a lot of computing help that can baffle people. Instead, it’s dedicated on fixing your problems in a quick, no fuss, and simple way – and without the need for a computing degree to figure it out.

If you’re stuck with a Windows problem, Computing for Everyone can help, from setting up and using Windows, to personalizing your Windows experience and desktop, to more advanced Windows solutions.

Keeping safe is also important, so if you have a PC security problem Computing for Everyone has lots of advice – from avoiding spam, setting up passwords, and fixing virus, malware and security problems.

New to computing? Computing for Everyone can help you get started with PC basics and learning about your PC, including starting off with Windows and your PC, navigating your way around your PC and keyboard shortcuts.

Computing for Everyone can help you tackle internet problems and web problems, from organizing your email to troubleshooting internet and broadband connection problems.

And if you have a smartphone or tablet such as an iPhone, iPad or Android phone or Android tablet, then Computing for Everyone can help with your mobile problem. From running mobiles apps to fixing battery problems or making your battery last long, Computing for Everyone can help.

And when you’re ready for the next step, such as buying a new laptop, digital camera or tablet, Computing for Everyone has buying guides for computing and mobile technology so you can buy a camera, memory card or tablet with confidence.

Computing for Everyone is there for every stage of your computing life. No fuss. No jargon. Just expert advice and step-by-step help written in plain English.

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